LevelUp and say goodbye to money worries

Level lets you access your accrued but unpaid income whenever you need it, automate your savings, and learn important money skills - all through our socially responsible earned wage access platform.


How you benefit

What other employees are getting out of Level

Access your pay immediately.

No credit check. No debt. It's your earned pay.

No interest. This is not a loan.

Ability to absorb financial shocks.


Why you'll want to LevelUp with
our earned wage access platform

Women Colleagues

Learn good habits

Financial education is fundamental to building long - term financial confidence. That’s why we offer free tools and the information you’ll need to become better with your money.

No need to access expensive credit

Sometimes having to wait until payday can mean falling back on high-cost debt like a payday loan. We allow you to draw down your pay as you earn it, without any interest charges.

Cafe Work

Build wealth and financial resilience

Saving couldn’t be simpler with money coming straight from your early salary withdrawals. Working with established providers, we help you save and achieve your financial goals.

Removing the stress of managing money

Our budgeting tool removes the ambiguity of managing your money by creating a number that’s better than your bank balance. No mental math or guessing required.

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What employees are saying about Level

Paul K.

Since the introduction of Level I feel more at ease and in control of my finances.

Sydney M.

I used it because my children needed new school shoes and it was nowhere near pay day.

Palesa T.

I have much less stress. Thank you Level!