Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between your work-and-earn feature and a payday loan?

It’s easiest to think of our work-and-earn feature like an ATM machine. In the context of a “normal” ATM machine, the employee has money sitting in a bank account that they can access through an ATM machine. That is their money. There’s nothing to pay back. They pay a small fee to use the ATM to move those funds from the bank account into their hands. In the same way, when the employee works, they earn money that is “theirs”. That money sits patiently in the employer's bank account until payday, at which point, the employer remits “their money” on a single day. Our platform acts like an ATM machine, where the employee can access their earned wages. In order to do this, they pay a small fee as they would do at a physical ATM machine. In our model - similar to the physical ATM machine - there is nothing for the employee to ever pay back.

Does the employer have to pay anything for using the service?

No. There are no setup or recurring costs for the employer.

How do I pay back Level?

We take the withdrawn amount plus our fee as a deduction off of your salary at the end of the month.

What is Level?

Level is a socially responsible earned wage access platform that builds wealth for employees through savings, AI enabled budgeting and access to pay when they need it - before payday arrives.